Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Dogs of War (i.e. what I have been up to!)

About three years ago, a character started talking to me.  But this character was unlike any other I had previously met. As you all know, I normally tend to write fairly light characters.  The world is serious enough.  Yet Gabriel was tormented.  He suffers PTSD.

To do his story justice, I started researching PTSD and the more I researched, the more depressed I got. So Gabriel fell silent.

He finally started talking to me again, and then my own life started getting chaotic.  There was a change in jobs, some health issues, and some major losses in my family.  In short, the last couple years have been rough.  He fell silent again ... as did all of the other characters in my head.

About a month ago, he started talking again ... and I am finally ready to unveil his story which is almost ready to be released. :)  What's more, the other characters that have stories still waiting to be told are finally starting to talk to me again as well.  So I am back to writing, and I am hoping to not fall off of the radar again.  My release schedule will still be very sporadic, but I am hoping to work on the plethora of stories filling my head (as a minimum) each week.

Coming soon ...

The Dogs of War: 

"Cry Havok and let slip the dogs of war"

While war was hell, it was the aftereffects that slowly eats away at the soul.  For Gabriel O'Roarke and other like him, truer words have never been spoken. Returning to civilian life after surviving events that should have killed him, he struggled to adjust and find himself again.  Suffering from PTSD, he is without hope, until a chance encounter with a fellow soldier changes things.

Can a broken submissive, grief stricken at the loss of his friends and teammates, damaged by months of captivity and torture, learn to fly again?

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Maidens, Butterflies, and Sexy Women

After a lot of writer's block, frustration with characters not behaving, and life generally getting in the way of creativity - I have managed to get back into writing again.

To celebrate, I am re-releasing the last of my previously published works.


When Margaret Dudley joined the ranks of Queen Elizabeth I’s gentlewomen, she never expected the whirlwind of changes that occurred in her life.  Expecting to retreat to the background, to serve her sovereign with integrity and devotion, she never dreamed she’d find herself embroiled in a world of jealousy, lust, and betrayal.  Or that she would experience a love that surpasses all.


All work and no play?  Not in their office.

Elaine’s relationship with her office assistant went from a normal friendship to lovers, and they are both struggling to find the balance between their professional and personal lives together.  Steve wants to take things public, but Elaine is worried about possible complications.  So he decides to show her who's boss, with a little help from her submissive nature and a sexy new toy in Michelle Houston’s Butterfly’s Effect.


Exhibitionism and Voyeurism.  The thrill of watching … and being watched.  Enjoy them both in this collection by Michelle Houston.

The camera catches the inner soul to a person, catching the hidden emotions we are too afraid to let others see.  Daria is one of those people, and just for a brief moment, she lets Lynsay see her how she really is in The Window of the Soul.

Tempted is the best way to describe Elaine’s reaction to leather; especially when it was hugging the tight curves of a woman.  She prowled the clubs, secretly thrilling in the view.  What she hadn't expected was to run into one of her former students - a former student with an interesting ultimatum.

Stacie's lover Amy has arranged things so that she can indulge her exhibitionist streak in a safe environment - from behind the safety of peepshow booth windows.  She gets to be center stage, putting on a show with her lover, without the risk of getting caught.  It’s an exhibitionist’s dream, being watched by every Peeping Tom, Dick and Harriett.

All three of these are now available at All Romance eBooks and Smashwords

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Is it possible to have too many books?

My husband teases me (sometimes not so affectionately) about my bookshelves.  And my stacks of books.

I am a voracious reader - I average about 100 pages an hour, and anywhere between 5-10 books a week.

I take a book with me everywhere - the doctor's office, to the DMV, the bathroom, you get the idea.  I read both print and ebooks ... My tablet is full of books.

I buy print books new and used, and borrow from the library (generally when I want to try a new to me author).

I have two copies of all of my favorites - a print and an ebook.

I have books ... everywhere ...

For one of my anniversaries, my father-in-law built me a seven foot tall, seven foot wide bookshelf, with the shelves perfectly spaced for books.  It fits great on my landing going upstairs.  It's also full.

As are the bookshelves in my bedroom, in the hallway leading to my room, in my living room, etc ...

So I am always on the lookout for creative ways to house my plethora of books.  Here are a few that I have found and would love to have the ability to create.




(This one used to be a closet)

(This also used to be a closet - and not only is it filled with books, but the doors are also bookshelves.)

(Another door/bookshelf - looks like maybe a library behind the door.)


Now in my search for creative book solutions, I have come across some other ideas for guestrooms, extra storage, etc.

So what do you think ...  Is it possible to have too many books?

Any book shelf ideas to share?  

~ Michelle

Sunday, May 17, 2015


When a man loves a woman ... and another man 

Rhiannon proposes an outrageous bet to her boyfriend Jesse, the outcome of which is sure to please them both in Nine Ball, Corner Pocket. In Their Harem Girl, Andrea is reading an article on spicing up ones sex life, and finds her imagination running wild when she reaches the suggestion about dress-up; will her husband and their lover approve of her choice? When Kara takes her pony boy to another Dom's stable to mount his pony, she never expected to be as turned on by it as she was; then again, she never expected the other pony to be a stallion in Wandering Where Led

Kurt has been keeping a secret from Candice - another man. What will she do when she finds out? Find out in Breakfast In Bed. In Dawning of Awareness, Caren gets caught watching her roommates making love - will she be asked to leave, or join in? Erika's boyfriend picks up a young man for them to share, to Double The Pleasure. Ashley and Taylor are house hunting - but find that their realtor is much more appealing than the house she is showing them in House For Sale, Realtor Not Included. Kyle has Secret Longings to submit - to both a Mistress, and a Master. Three friends become more during a night at the movies in Within Reach

When a woman loves a man ... and another woman 

Sabrina is a shameless sexual risk-taker, and discovers the delights of foreplay on the dance floor with an already-involved couple, and in being Exposed. A roommate with an exhibitionist's nature, and a willing boyfriend, leads Angela to question everything she thought she knew about her sexual needs - and her sexuality - thanks to their Spankology 101

In A Little Bit of Heaven, Bridgett's husband and her lover decide to solidify their relationship with her - together. After saving his roommates from an evil spider, A Not So Reluctant Hero is rewarded by the girls. In Introducing The Lovers Meghan has to decide is she is ready to take her relationship with Ava to a new level - inviting Ava's husband to join them. Stacy and Julie share everything - even Jim.. Will it be More Then He Bargained For? In Revelations Jared walks in on his wife cheating on him - with another woman; now he has to decide if he can accept her infidelity ... or if he should walk away. Three lovers enjoy a nice morning in bed together. in Three On A King Sized Bed.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bedtime Tales, Sexy Daydreams, and Paranormal Delights

Bedtime Tales, Sexy Daydreams, and Paranormal Delights An omnibus of over 40 erotic stories.

Summer Storms and Hearts Aflame: After ten years, Jacob is finally going to get an answer to why Marci ran away after their night together. Trapped together during a summer storm - can they rekindle their love?

Paradise Valley: A leisurely afternoon sun-bathing leads to a bit of naughty outdoor play when Amanda's husband comes home.

Castles in the Sand: A moonlight stroll on the beach with a handsome stranger leads to a night of unexpected passion ... and the possibility of more.

Wake Me Up: Two stories of sexy mornings.

Elemental Passion: Three stories of the passionate fury of nature, lust and love.

Whispers Between Lovers: A collection of short erotica to read with a lover; passionate prose to satisfy your desires when alone; and tempting morsels of desire to tease your mind, as well as your body. This collection is packed with intimate moments, raw emotions, hot sex, and lots of sexy, naughty, sometimes kinky details.

Paranormal Delights: Paranormal Delights is a collection of nine sexy tales of mortals, vampires, shifters, ghosts and angels.

... and many more ...