Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Care and Feeding of An Author

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Print Editions

One of the things I have wanted to do for a while is get some of my stories out in print - for those that aren't too keen on reading via an electronic devise, and for those that just want a print copy.  So far I have two collections up and running ... but I plan on releasing others, if these go over well.


DIGGIN’ UP BONES: Zach’s back - and he’s digging for answers ...

All Alisa wants is to be left alone, but the discovery of Native American bones on her property make that wish impossible. Zach Bradford’s back in her life, bringing a whole lot of memories she wants to forget and questions she doesn’t want to answer. He’s not just digging for bones, he's digging into their past, searching for answers. Now Alisa must decide if she wants to live in the past or reach for a future with Zach.

A BID FOR LOVE: He bought her for 48 hours ...

Erika thought Ryan was out of her life. She thought she was over him. When he outbids her at an auction on her grandmother's painting, she's willing to do anything to get it from him. Her head says she can walk away after 48 hours. Her heart isn't so sure.

WILLED TO LOVE: Two former lovers are unprepared for the reading of a will. Can they live up to the terms?

Ashley Monroe wants a divorce. Not because she doesn't love her husband, but because she can’t take his family’s mistreatment any longer. Devon’s grandmother isn't about to let history repeat itself; she wrote her will to make sure of it.

A CHANGE OF PACE: Ten years ago, they were students in the same college class - but Nicole never imagined Alan saw her as anything more than a study-buddy. Now that’s about to change ..

.Nicole is frustrated with the emptiness of her life. A chance meeting with an old classmate ends with an invitation to his house for dinner. Nicole has enough regrets about the past. She’s not about to pass up what might be a second chance.

HER BEST MAN: What if her love for Rick wasn't unrequited?

Rick’s always been part of Katherine's life. He was even her husband’s best man at their wedding. And secretly, she’s always had more feelings for her husband’s best man than she should have. When her marriage falls apart, she finds out she’s not the only one who’s been keeping feelings secret.

~ * ~


Chasing Her Dream: Lydia had just one wish for her birthday--to be sexually dominated. Luckily for her, Shawn was more than willing and able to fulfill her fantasy. She just has to run first ... and trust him to chase her.

Tied With A Bow: Sylvia and Devin celebrate the holidays, with lots of ribbon and jingle-bells.

A Passion for Learning: Arianna and her husband are acting out one of his fantasies, the naughty schoolgirl and her stern taskmaster teacher, much to the enjoyment of both. Role-playing of a scientific nature.

Your Attention Please: Angela thrills in her job as a stripper, knowing how hot it makes her man to watch the crowd’s reaction to her. Afterwards, he will have to reassert his claim to her.

All About Trust: Melissa has finally found the perfect life partner - if she can find the strength to trust him. 

Bound In Love: Yvette isn't certain if she can live her greatest fantasy, to be bound and dominated - considering she has one secret she hasn't shared with her husband.

Cowboy’s Dungeon: In the barn, Natalie role-plays with her husband/master.

A Feast for the Senses: Blindfolded and bound to the island in the kitchen during her husband's dinner party, Lisa thrills in her submission.

I've added ...

I've added a poll (it's off to the left side), and I would love for you to take a moment and let me know what you would like me to write next.  I tried to keep the answers to things I have on the back burner ...

Options are:
A sequel to Enslaving Heaven
A new Parallel Lives story
Animal Attraction - feline
Animal Attraction - canine
Animal Attraction - avian
Animal Attraction - other
A new In Love With the Boss story
A sequel to Butterfly's Effect
I don't care - I just want new stories!!! So get to writing!

Back in the saddle again ...

After months of not being able to get any writing done, I have finally reached a point where I can get back to things.  It is very slow going ... but progress is being made.

In other news, I have finally finished the edits of TIME AFTER TIME and THE LIFE NOT LIVED and the re-releases are now live.

 * ~ *


Sands of Time: After being diagnosed with inoperable cancer, Nicole can feel what time she has slipping away.  Like many, she has told herself she would do the things she has always dreamed of "later".  Pressed for time, later has come: she's going to see the world.  She planned to start with   Scotland  , and go on from there, but once she arrives she meets a man she can't resist.  Ciaran offers her a hope for the future she had given up on having, but it comes with a price.  For Ciaran is not what he appears to be, and his race can't risk anyone finding out they exist.

Turning Back Time: Devastated at the news of her friend's supposed death, Julie rushes to   Scotland  to find some answers.  What she finds instead is Roarke.  Unwilling to let go of her search, Julie winds up figuring out what happened to Nicole.  Along the way, she finds her own chance at happiness, if she can accept that Roarke isn't human.  

Word Count: Novellette
Sexuality: M/F

Available at: All Romance eBooks     *     Smashwords    *     Amazon

~ * ~


We all have those moments in our lives we wish we could take back.  Natasha has come to regret the choices she has made in her life, the biggest one being turning away from the one woman she had ever loved.  But thanks to a late night visit from a succubus and a magical diary that found its way into her life, she can have a second chance.

If she’s willing to take a leap of faith …

Word Count: Short story
Sexuality: F/F

Available at: All Romance eBooks   *   Smashwords   *   Amazon

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Brand New Story and a few re-releases

I am tickled to announce the release of a brand new story - CLAIMING THE OWL.  It is the sixth story in my Animal Attraction series of hot and sexy gay shifters and the men they fall in love with.


Michael found himself in the most awkward of situations.  Trapped in his jaguar form as the newest inhabitant at a zoo, he has to figure out how to get free, without anyone finding out about his people's existence, and without getting caught.  When his ex shows up, Michael isn't certain of allowing Danny to ride to the rescue is such a good idea, especially given how things between them ended.  But if he wants to have a life beyond one trapped in his animal form, he has to take the chance of his feelings rekindling.


Kyle though that he was all alone, the only of his kind, until he attended a magic show and saw through the spectacle to the method behind the illusion.  If he wasn't wrong, Meric the Magician, in addition to being his best friend, was also a tiger shifter.      



When an injured fox comes into the wildlife rehabilitation center, Scott knows he isn't an ordinary animal, he's a shifter.  Taking him home, Scott does his best to care for the injured shifter, and finds himself falling in love.  Knowing it would be selfish to ask Christian to stay, Scott has to decide if he will let Christian walk out of his life, hoping that his love will return. 


Torn Between Duty …
 Adam is given the task of collecting his matriarch’s son for his upcoming nuptials.  Only problem is, Nick isn’t remotely interested in his bride, or any woman for that matter.  Something both men have in common.

 … and Desire 
 Despite his misgiving, if Adam wants to retain his place in their owl parliament, he has to complete his assigned task.  The only problem is, Adam wants to claim Nick as his own.

Friday, September 27, 2013

A Second Chance at Love ~ Bundle One and Two

 The first time around they weren't ready. 

Now star-crossed lovers get A Second Chance At Love ...

DIGGIN' UP BONES: Secrets forced Alisa to push Zach away - can she handle letting him back into her life, knowing he is going to keep digging until he finds out what they are?

All Alisa wanted was to be left alone with her writings. But the discovery of Native America bones on her property made that wish impossible.

The last man she wanted to see was back in her life, and with him Zach Bradford brought a whole lot of memories and some questions she really didn't want to answer.

Now besides digging for bones, he's digging into their past as well, searching for answers to why she broke up with him suddenly, two years ago. And Alisa has to decide if she is going to keep living in the past, or if she's going to let it go and reach for a possible future with Zach. The future she should have had.

Includes the short vignette: Writing of Love

Word Count: Novella
Sexuality: M/F

A BID FOR LOVE: He bought her for 48 hours ...

Erika had thought that Ryan was out of her life, and that she was over him. When they run into each other at an art action, and he outbids her on a painting of her grandmother's, she's willing to do anything to get it from him - including agree to spend 48 hours with him. Her head says at the end of it, she can just walk away. Her heart isn't so sure.

Includes the short bonus vignette: Love Slave

Word Count: Novelette
Sexuality: M/F

* * *

The first time around they weren't ready. 

Now star-crossed lovers get A Second Chance At Love ...

HER BEST MAN: What if her love for Rick wasn't so unrequited?

Rick has always been a part of Katherine's life, including being best man at her wedding to his friend. When her marriage falls apart, she finds out that her feelings for Rick aren't so unrequited.

Word Count: Short Story
Sexuality: M/F

WILLED TO LOVE: Two former lovers are unprepared for the reading of a will. Can they live up to the terms?

Although still in love with her husband Devon , Ashley Monroe was seeking a divorce, thanks to his family and their mistreatment. When Devon 's grandmother dies, and Ashley is included in the will, everything changes, because his grandmother wasn't about to let history repeat itself.

Word Count: Novelette
Sexuality: M/F

A CHANGE OF PACE: Ten years ago, Nicole never imagined Alan saw her as anything more than a college study-buddy. Fast forward ten years.

Nicole is frustrated with the emptiness of her life. When a chance meeting with Alan, an object of her affection from the past, ends with an invitation to his house for dinner, she decides to take a chance and live a little. She already has enough regrets about the past - she wasn't about to pass up what could be a second chance.

Word Count: Short Story
Sexuality: M/F

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Monday, September 23, 2013

What do ...

What do Babylon 5, Farscape and a sexy space menage have in common?


Now that I have you completely confused, I will explain ...

I am a geek, as many of you know.  I have never tried to hide it.  In fact, I revel in my geekiness.  Part of my geekdom is a love of sci-fi shows, specifically space romances. : )  With B5 there was Delenn and Sheridan.  Farscape has Crichton and Aeryn Sun.

All Alone in the Night is my sexy menage sci-fi erotic romance set in a near future (I am not too specific about exactly when).  It features a heroine who is determined to find out what happened to her two best friends, no matter the cost.  Even if it means her life.

She is finally given clearance to go on a fact-finding mission, and everything is going well ... until, well, it isn't going well.  a wormhole opens up, and she is sucked in and transported to an alien planet outside of our star system.  That whole plot-point is my nod to Farscape.

As for how B5 fits in ... when I was getting ready to publish the story with Phaze, it was suggested to call it Alone in the Night, dropping the ALL at the beginning.  I politely refused, and explained why.

The introduction to the first season of Babylon 5 goes like this:
"It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind, ten years after the Earth-Minbari War. The Babylon Project was a dream given form. Its goal: to prevent another war by creating a place where Humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully. It's a port of call – home away from home for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs, and wanderers. Humans and aliens wrapped in two million, five-hundred thousand tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night. It can be a dangerous place, but it's our last best hope for peace. This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations. The year is 2258. The name of the place is Babylon 5."

I wanted to keep the title just like it was, because it was a nod to another sci-fi show that I love.

So there you have it, how Babylon 5, Farscape and a sexy space menage have in common - a geek who loves to write sexy stories, and watch sci-fi shows, with a romance subplot.

Oh ... and ALL ALONE IN THE NIGHT is now available again ...

Riana had almost given up hope of ever finding her lost comrades, and friends, when the Earth-Space Initiative finally decided to send her on a fact finding mission, almost two years after Braden and Davin had gone missing.  They figured it was finally safe.

They figured wrong.

Now Riana is stuck on a strange planet, with no way home, lucky to be alive after being sucked into a wormhole.  And she wasn’t the only one stranded there; she had found the missing pilots.  With no way home, and only themselves to answer to, they had plans for her, plans several years in the making.

Available at:  All Romance eBooks   *   Smashwords   *   Amazon

Friday, September 20, 2013


Although BLACKOUT has dropped off of the Best Sellers list at All Romance eBooks, both TAMING THE WOLF and EMBRACING THE LEOPARD are now on it. Whoohoo!

Monday, September 16, 2013



What does it mean?

Well ... it is the ranking BLACKOUT currently holds at All Romance eBooks. It is ranked #18 out of the top 50 on the their Best Sellers list.


I'm sure some of you are wondering why this is such a big deal for me. Well, this MM office romance story was previously released with the now defunct Noble Romance. During the almost three years it was with them, it sold maybe 3-5 copies each month. I always worried the low sales/interest was a reflection of the story, which bothered me because I LOVE this story.

So to see it doing so well as a re-release really makes me feel good.