Friday, March 17, 2017

Some news about Broken Wings

This last month I have been working on the follow-up to Broken Wings, called Songs of Yesterday.  As I have been working on it, including tentatively plotting out the third book, I have been mulling over a few things.

One of the conclusions I reached as I looked at Broken Wings, where Songs of Yesterday is going to go, and the possibilities with the third book, is that this series is drastically different from my normal writings, and branding it a Michelle Houston story doesn't fit.

I am also going to be changing the series title to something that fits with possible future books as well as the current stories.

So I have pulled Broken Wings, and I am going to re-release it under a new pen name - Houston Michaels.  When I have the new website up and running, and Broken Wings ready to re-release, I will post about it here.

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