Monday, December 19, 2016

Desire's Sting

The second story in the Office Interludes series is available.

All work and no play? Not in their office.

As a boss, Richard Mills was everything Lisa could ask for - he stood up for his team, he had their backs, gave them all of the credit and took all of the blame. But as a man - he was a dick! As his office assistant, Lisa was familiar with the love 'em and let 'em go attitude Richard had for women. Too familiar. It was slowly tearing her up to see other women get the chance with him that she craved. Something had to change, and if it took her resigning and finding another job to break the hold he had on her heart, she was ready to do it. It was the perfect solution to a no-win situation - except Richard was hiding a secret from her. He wanted to do all kinds of dirty, kinky things to her, but worried she was too vanilla to handle the sting of his desire.

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