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Paranormal reads discounted - until Nov 1st!

In the spirit of Halloween, and my own love of staying home with a good book to read while passing out candy to little monsters, witches, zombies and action heroes - I have discounted some of my paranormal stories at All Romance eBooks.  Discounts range from 25-50% off.  There is a little something for all tastes ...

Fangs and Fur

When an evil scientist starts experimenting on shifters and vampires, trying to uncover the secret to their kind, the races must join together to stop him. In the process, four couples find love and passion beyond any they could have imagined.

Unnatural Bonds: Kali risks everything to free Riordan from the scientist. Once she succeeds, she isn't certain what to do with him. He has a good idea though ... if she's willing.

Laws of Nature: When Shaylee escapes from a kidnapping attempt, she manages to get to safety and the shelter of her neighbor Garrett's arms. Once there, she discovers she doesn't want to leave.

Bound in Blood: Anya is a protector for the vampire race. In the process of taking care of the threat to her people, she meets Ruben, who is delighted to find that she is his mate. Can this strong woman submit to a determined shifter?

Nature of the Beast: As a councilor for the vampire race, Kathryn has had to make hard choices--including sending Anya to take care of the scientist hunting them. One of the hardest thought is accepting that she is a shifter's mate. As a future alpha, Vance isn't willing to accept no for an answer

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The Life Not Lived

We all have those moments in our lives we wish we could take back. Natasha has come to regret the choices she has made in her life, the biggest one being turning away from the one woman she had ever loved. But thanks to a late night visit from a succubus and a magical diary that found its way into her life, she can have a second chance.  

If she’s willing to take a leap of faith …

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Time After Time

Sands of Time: After being diagnosed with inoperable cancer, Nicole can feel what time she has slipping away. Like many, she has told herself she would do the things she has always dreamed of "later". Pressed for time, later has come: she's going to see the world. She planned to start with Scotland , and go on from there, but once she arrives she meets a man she can't resist. Ciaran offers her a hope for the future she had given up on having, but it comes with a price. For Ciaran is not what he appears to be, and his race can't risk anyone finding out they exist.

Turning Back Time: Devastated at the news of her friend's supposed death, Julie rushes to Scotland to find some answers. What she finds instead is Roarke. Unwilling to let go of her search, Julie winds up figuring out what happened to Nicole. Along the way, she finds her own chance at happiness, if she can accept that Roarke isn't human.

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Blood Slave

Sometime in the near future, vampires have been found to exist and have been hunted down and systematically infected with a virus that causes them to lose their sight. But they have found a way around it, through the use of blood slaves.

Where The Blind Leads: Brandon is one of those possible slaves, and if his interview goes right, he will become his master's new eyes, food supply, and lover. After his master is done whipping him and testing his sexual abilities.

Leading The Blind: Nicholas used to be one of those slaves, but through the slow infection of the virus, he has been turned. Now he is facing a future he knows nothing about--dominating another. His old master decides to step in a find a new master for Nicholas, a mortal man who is not only willing to dominate a blind vampire, but also to be his blood slave.

Maidens and Myths

Mt. Olympus will never be the same again ...

PANDORA: Created by the Gods as punishment. It took a goddess to understand that she too was being punished, and a God to unleash the woman she was truly meant to be.

PERSEPHONE: Kidnapped by Hades, she knew that there was more to him than the Lord of the Underworld bit. Underneath his death lord exterior beat a kind and caring heart, as she knew all to well.

PSYCHE: Beloved of Cupid, she wasn't to ever know who her husband was. But she wasn't content to be kept in the dark forever.

CHARON: He had been alone for a long time; then one day a whirlwind of emotion named Ledia demanded that he take her across Styx to meet with Hades, so that she could bargain for her brother's soul. Charon never expected to fall for the demanding minx.

GALATEA. Loved by her creator, she was given life. Unfortunately, the personality had to be worked on a bit.

APHRODITE: It's quite simple exhausting to be the goddess of love. Everyone wants something from her, including the other deities. Yet Aphrodite knows that sometimes a Goddess just has to have some down

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Paranormal Delights

Paranormal Delights is a collection of nine sexy tales of mortals, vampires, shifters, ghosts and angels.

Autumn Breeze: A breeze brings back memories, and something more.

Be Careful What You Wish For: On his birthday, a man wishes to understand the female mind and wakes up a woman. 

By The Light of the Moon: A woman finds her perfect match in an unexpected place.

Going Down?: A vampire finds himself trapped in an elevator with a woman who is more than she first appears.

Howl of the Full Moon: A werewolf prefers to sample the essence of female arousal rather than howling at the moon. 

On Angel Wings: Finding out her dream lover was real changes everything for one woman.

On The Prowl: A werecat’s mate waits for the sun to set, so her lover can claim her.

Peeping Ghost: A lonely ghost finds that watching almost makes up for what she missed.

To Dance with the Night: A very sensual vampire nibbles and savors his way through life.

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