Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pre-Order is Now Live!!!

The pre-order links for Broken Wings are now live at All Romance and Smashwords and Amazon.

September 27th Gabriel and Nick's story will go live!


As he surrendered to Nick’s kiss, his eyes started to drift closed and as darkness enveloped him, he jerked. Cold chills broke out over his skin and he drifted for a moment, lost between what was happening and what had come before. Gabriel went to pull back, but Nick kept his hand clasped around the nape of his neck, holding him still. Shifting his face, Nick pressed his lips against Gabriel’s ear.
“Open your eyes. You’re safe here. Just open your eyes.”

Gabriel’s lids lifted, and he stared into the calm green of Nick’s eyes.

“Keep your eyes focused on me.”

Gabriel nodded, and blue gaze locked on green as Nick pressed soft kisses against his cheek, slowly moving back to his lips. At the firm touch of lips against his, Gabriel opened his mouth, accepting the raspy wetness of a masculine tongue sliding into his mouth again. It felt odd to be staring into someone’s eyes while kissing, but at the same time, it grounded him in the moment. Except for brief flashes of darkness as he blinked, he remained focused on Nick – his gaze, his firm touch against the back of his neck, his kiss, the feel of being surrounded in masculine heat.

The very scent of Nick’s cologne seeped into his pores, until all that mattered was the man who was holding him so gently, with such strong confidence. At any moment he could break away; Nick wasn’t forcing him to stay. Instead, his embrace said he was confident that given the choice, Gabriel would chose to stay in his arms. And he was right.

The depth of the kiss changed slowly, until it was impossible for Gabriel to tell where Nick left off and he began. Their tongues were dueling, not for dominance of the kiss, but for sheer pleasure of contact.
As Nick pulled away, Gabriel found himself panting softly, trying to regain his emotional footing. For a brief moment in time, the past had ceased to exist.

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