Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Teaser for Desire's Sting

When I was writing Butterfly's Effect, Elaine had a meeting with a man who she really didn't get along with - Richard Mills.  When I was getting the re-release of Butterfly's Effect ready, a young woman named Lisa started talking to me.  

She was adamant that Richard was only an ass to those who didn't really know him.  To those who worked for him, he was everything they could want in a boss.  She demanded that I give her a chance to tell everyone about him - which was all well and good, except that when I actually sat down to start writing the story - she promptly told me nevermind, I could forget it.  She was mad at him and he could go play in traffic.  This intrigued me ... I had to know more.

And so Desire's String was born ...

BUTTERFLY'S EFFECT: Elaine’s relationship with her office assistant went from a normal friendship to lovers, and they are both struggling to find the balance between their professional and personal lives together.  Steve wants to take things public, but Elaine is worried about possible complications.  So he decides to show her who's boss, with a little help from her submissive nature and a sexy new toy in Michelle Houston’s Butterfly’s Effect.

DESIRE'S STING:  As a boss, Richard Mills was everything Lisa could ask for - he stood up for his team, he had their backs, gave them all of the credit and took all of the blame.  But as a man - he was a dick!  As his office assistance, Lisa was familiar with the love 'em and let 'em go attitude Richard had for women.  Too familiar.  It was slowly tearing her up to see other women get the chance with him that she craved.  Something had to change, and if it took her resigning and finding another job to break the hold he had on her heart, she was ready to do it.  It was the perfect solution to a no-win situation - except Richard was hiding a secret from her.  He wanted to do all kinds of dirty, kinky things to her, but worried she was too vanilla to handle the sting of his desire.

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