Thursday, December 29, 2016

The closing of All Romance eBooks

I have spent most of the last 24 hours in a state of shock as I have tried to assimilate that 1. ARe is closing, 2. they are screwing authors over so much (10 cents to the dollar is the current offer for 4th quarter sales), 3. they are screwing readers over with only a few days to back up potentially 10 years worth of libraries and to deal with their ebook bucks, 4. that indie authors are loosing one of the platforms to reach readers, and 5. that readers are loosing one of the better platforms for finding new authors.

Readers - if any of you were unable to download a book of mine that your purchased (since we are not getting PAID most indie authors scrambled to pull their books quickly), please email me a screen shot of your library (or a copy of the receipt) and I will send you a copy of the ebook.

I am highly recommending ALL readers take screen shots of their libraries so that in the coming days, they have the documentation needed, because many publishers and other authors are making the same offer ... and the ARe website will go dark at midnight on Dec 31st so after that you won't have access to any of the records.

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