Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pricing Changes

I am in the middle of making a TON of pricing changes on my books.

The following stories are coming off of Amazon (you can still get various formats via Smashwords) because they are being offered FREE now:

* Castles in the Sand
* Cup of Josie
* Exposed -- if you haven't read this one, it is one of my FAVORITES of my short shorts!
* Just A Nibble vol 1 and 2
* Just A Taste vol 1 and 2
* Longing For You
* Love Among the Stars
* Nine Ball, Corner Pocket
* Paradise Valley
* Spankology 101
* Their Harem Girl
* Wandering Where Led

I have also discounted almost all of my stand alone stories (like Her Majesty's Maiden, All Alone in the Night), Private Eyes, and even my short-short story collections to $0.99 (it might take Amazon a couple of days for the price change over).

This change also affects all of my Animal Attraction, Kinky Girls Do, and A Second Chance at Love stories.  So if you have been eyeing one of them - now would be the time to check them out.

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