Thursday, March 04, 2010

I am not a cop!

I admit it, I enjoy a good farce from time to time. Which is why I had to give two books a try.

The first was Heat Wave by "Richard Castle", aka a ghostwriter.

Heat Wave is "written" by fictional character Richard Castle, played by Nathan Fillion on the ABC show Castle.

I have to admit, I enjoyed having a cross-over between a TV show that I enjoy and a hobby that I love. : )

You can read my post on the topic from October

The second book I decided to give a try just because it tickled my "WTF" bone is Richard Belzer's I Am Not A Cop.

In his book, "Belz" plays himself, and yet he doesn't. For fans of Law & Order: SVU, we see some of the whit and cynicism of Munch in his portrayal, as well enough of something else to make us question just how much of the "character" of Richard Belzer in the book is real, and how much is fake.

As Belzer says in the book: "I am not a cop. Really. I've just been playing one on television so long that people get a little confused sometimes."

USA Today did an interview with Richard Belzer about the book that you can read at:

Some parts of the book were better than others, and really, I was reading it more for the kick of the experience than anything else.

It was an interesting way to pass a couple of days, and I plan to at least take a look at the next book "I am not a psychic."

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