Thursday, March 04, 2010

Oh Get A Grip already! Sheesh!

This week I have moved to a new day at Oh Get A Grip. I have given up Tuesdays because with classes, and work, they are way too hectic for me, and I don't like to write my post up too far in advance.

So I have moved to Fridays!

And this week is a special week as well, in that this is my topic. We tackle History's Forgotten. And since it is my topic, I got to select the guest. On Saturday, you will get to read D Musgrave's take on who he feels is a good example of someone forgotten by history.

We'd love to read tons of comments ... so stop by if you have a moment.

Plus, we have added a new member! Who you ask? Well, swing by the blog to find out. : )

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