Friday, March 05, 2010

ARe Spring Sale!!!

If April Showers bring May flowers, do we have to wait until April for the fun to begin?

No we don't, thanks to All Romance eBooks.

From March 1 to the 14, all Phaze titles on All Romance are on the 25% rebatespecial. Which means you can chose from dozens of titles, by Jenna Byrnes, Jude Mason, D Musgrave, and Michelle Houston.

All of the Phaze titles can be found at:

Or you can visit D's page at:
Where you can find the beginning to his Sexual Healing series, as well as a free read. You don't want to miss this book ... especially with the second volume coming so very soon!

Then swing by Jude Mason's page at:
Where you can find lots of naughty D/s fun, as well as some hot M/M action. (Oh, and there's also some free reads to tease you!)

If you want more hot M/M action, then you need to visit Jenna Byrnes' page at:
Where you can find some more hot M/M romances, as well as tons more! (And did I mention the free reads?)

And last but not least, don't forget Michelle Houston's page at:
Where you can find her new release - The Life Not Lived - more M/M romances, lots of heterosexual stories featuring alternate realities, deities of myth, a couple of lesbian tales, and so much more! (Before I forget, there is also a free read for you there too ...)

Before you leave though, don't forget to check out the rest of the Phaze team ...

Let the spring fun begin!!!!!

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