Monday, January 04, 2010

Vacation cont.

Evening all! Woke up this morning to a breezy 56 degrees out, checked the weather for KC, Mo which showed 0 degrees and thanked my lucky stars to be in Miami, even if it is going to warm up quite a bit the day I fly out.

As for how my vacation has been going so far ...

- I managed a bit of a nap while the family went golfing. Hubby came back talking about the GPS in the carts. GPS in golf carts. Wow, are the golfers down here spoiled. LOL
- We went out to Applebee's for dinner, kind of a late birthday dinner for me. : )

- Went to Morikami Japanese gardens. Absolutely fantastic place to visit. We fell in love with it a few years ago when we first visted and have looked forward to coming back ever since.
- Had lunch at the gardens. Fantastic food! Definitely going to eat there again when we come back.
- Exhausted from all of the walking (we went through the gardens twice) we had a light dinner and called it a night.

- Today we headed to the Miami Metro Zoo. We've visited it several times before and it is always a wonderful visit. They added a section called Amazon & Beyond, which include a Jaguar, the Giant River Otter (which is only found in three other zoos in the country), the Giant Anteater, and a lot of other critters.
- This year the Clouded Leopard cooperated and let us see it. Last few times it has been sitting in the corner of its enclosure yowling.
- For dinner we grilled burgers at my father-in-law's RV, watched some Mythbusters, and headed back to the hotel. Right now, I am working on laundry. Whoohoo!

We are looking at going golfing again tomorrow, and Wednesday is still up for grabs. Possibly going back out to the keys for more kayaking, but we don't know yet.

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