Saturday, January 02, 2010


*Waving hi from slightly overcast Miami, Florida*

Well, I am on vacation and so far enjoying myself. We have a lot of plans for this week, including visiting the Zoo, Morikami Japanese gardens, going kayaking, and getting in lots of beach time.

- Due to out 6 am flight out Thurs morning, we decided to head to KC and stay the night there. Hubby and I took our daughter to see Avatar, or I should say, I took hubby and our daughter to see it, since he was more excited than she was, and she was fairly excited.
- While we were in KC, after seeing the movie, we went to dinner at hubby's fav restaurant, Red Dragon on 8th street. Dang good Sesame Chicken! Afterwards, we drove through the plaza and looked at the lights.

- We survived! LOL With a 6:25 am flight, requiring us to be up at 4 am, I was a bit worried. We had a layover in Memphis, where our flight was delayed slightly, and then we arrived in Miami around 2.
- After getting settled in our hotel, and grabbing a light dinner, we settled in for the night. I was well asleep before the new year hit.

- Headed down to Key Largo for some kayaking (which I actually participated), then we did some shopping, visited the beach and had a late lunch. After that, we were fairly whiped out.

- Today I found out that Caging the Tiger made the top 20 for December 2009 at Phaze. Whoohoo!
- Hubby, my father-in-law and my daughter are going golfing. I plan on staying at the hotel and getting some quiet time in.

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