Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some new covers ...

I've been very busy the last few weeks working on some new covers. : )

First up is TOUCH OF SILVER by Nicole Gestalt.

Behind the Cover: This one was a fun, and frustrating, cover to design. I knew what I wanted, something sleek and sexy, and fairly icy in coloration.
Because the primary focus of the story is on two women, and a guy only has some baring on the storyline, I decided not to work him into the cover and instead went with the two womena and the wolf.
The wolf's eyes were interesting. Originally, it had brown/golden eyes. I got to play around with turning them a vibrant blue, and then trying to keep the one over the black jacket from standing out more than the one just in the white fur.

Tina Gallagher's TUPELO HONEY was the next cover I worked on.

Behind the Cover: Here again, I wanted to go for sexy while at the same time getting the flavor of hockey in there. Rather than worry about a uniform that might not match what was in the story, I went with a beat up, seen better days, practive stick and puck against a black background, and white ice.

The final cover this post is EMBRACE THE MOMENT, the beginning to
Mahalia Levey's Semper Paratus series.
Behind the Cover: Mahalia Levey asked for a blending of the duty of the coast guard and the passion of a couple.

As this is the start of a series, I wanted to make sure that the set-up was such that I could continue the look with future books.

The female's eyes had to have some color change, since the original model had hazel eyes. So I got to play with features, and turn her eyes blue.

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