Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas future ...

As my munchkin gets older, hubby and I are looking to change some of the traditions we do for the holidays, focusing less on material stuff and more on family.

So I am interested in what others do for the holidays. I invite you to share some of your favorite holiday traditions.

We already play board games and cards. We are not the types to go caroling, and I don't have the balance for ice skating. Other than that though ... share away ...

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Jude Mason said...

Hi Michelle,

As you know, my kids are grown and gone now, but when they were young our Christmas day was a little different. We'd get up early, me and my daughter would be the first up. LOL After opening gifts, we'd have breakfast and get everyone else up. I'd get the turkey into the oven and then we'd pack up for the afternoon.

We'd take hot dogs and marshmallows and some fruit, and birdfood, apples if I had any to spare. Then we'd go find some snow to play in. We'd take a toboggan, snowshoes, whatever we had to play in the snow. We'd usually spend about 3-4 hours out there and have a blast. Snowball fights, girls against boys... hehehe! We'd track animals and explain to the kids what the prints belonged to or what kind of animal left rubbings on trees. Anything and everything outdoorsy. We'd even take a rifle or shotgun to practice when the kids were older.

Making a fire was fun, challenging if the snow was too deep, but we always managed it. Hot dogs taste so much better when you're out there.

When we'd had enough, we'd pack everything back into the truck and we'd head home. Dinner was always family, and we'd either have company at home or go out after dinner to visit.