Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another New Cover

Just finished a new cover, this one for Chloe Waits FLESH FOR FANTASY.

I don't have a blurb available to me that this time.


The author provided a concept that she wanted, of a scene in which the heroine is taking a shower. She even included the image she wanted, so that part was easy. * edited to add (Trying to come up with a concept for a book you haven't read when all you are given in description of the characters and instructions to make it hot/sex/whatever can be challenging and frustrating, so I LIKE a lot of detail. I want to know settings, and some clothing details. But at the same time, too much detail and it just can't be done. So Chloe found the really nice medium with her info, which I appreciate).

From there, is was a matter of modifying the image. The woman was wearing a tank top, and her eyeliner.mascara had run around her eye. So I had to blend that out. : )

Then a layer of a wet shower door was added and faded into the image to give it a glossy look. The image of the heroine was contrasted higher, to make her shimmer a little bit more (with the layer on top).

The font fot the title was picked out by the author, but I just couldn't get it to work in red. So I went with white and added a red outline to the letters, which turned out really nice. Then the font was rotated to slant upward across the cover, along the line of the woman's forhead.

The font for the author name was just one that Liked, since a script font for both title and author name would have been way too much for one cover. Plus, it helped the image of the woman to pop! by understanding the font.

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