Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's amazing ...

It's amazing how utterly exhausted you can get and not know it. LOL

With traveling, snorkeling, cave tubing, hiking, climbing ruins, trips on a boat, etc without air conditioning in a very humid environment, many of us hit that air conditioning yesterday on that airplane where we were forced into inactivity and we just wilted.

By the time we got off of the plane in Dallas and raced to get on the plane to KC, and got settled, many of my classmates were out cold. LOL I had to wake up 6 of them that were sitting near me, so they could put their seats up and such for landing.

As for me, I slept from about 4 am to around 8:45 when my daughter woke up. I let hubby sleep a few hours longer while I ran errands, got the mail, etc. Then about 1 pm I headed for a nap. After I got up, I ran to the grocery store, and now I am cooking dinner. But I could still use another nap.

I am flat out beat. Yet when I was running around, doing all of the strenous activities, I hardly felt it. LOL


Jude Mason said...

JM it sounds like you truly had a fabulous time. I am so jealous of you swimming with the manatee. Wow! How big are they? I mean I've seen them on TV, but never close to someone.

Yup, I'm definitely jealous, and no, I'm not coming to do your damn laundry. LOL


Michelle Houston said...

The manatee we were swimming with was a few feet away from me at the closest (when it went under me) and it was bigger than my height in length (I'm around 5'10") and rolly polly round. Maybe 7 feet long I'd say.

LOL About the laundry. : ) I understand, I wouldn't want to fly again this soon. So I guess I can't ask you to come down here to help me out. *sigh*