Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Belizan It - day 11 and into 12

Monday/Tuesday: (Travel day)

Ok, so everything started out good yesterday. I was up, packed, and had almost two hours to kill. Got caught up on blog posting and email, while the wifi was playing nice.

Then we headed out to the tiny airport with dogs on the runway. In a downpour.

We finally got out of there, and to the main terminal, but without three of our group. Their flight times had gotten screwed up, and they were supposed to have been there 2 hours before the rest of us. They FINALLY made it to the Belize City airport.

While we were waiting, we found out that our flight was going to be an hour+ late. Warning signs went off in our heads since we only had an hour and a half to get through passport and customs in Dallas before our flight to KC. The good news was, it was the airlines fault, so if we missed the flight, they had to put us up in a hotel and feed us.

So we finally get out of Belize City and in to Dallas. By the time we taxied in, our flight was supposed to be taking off. So we didn't push ourselves too hard heading to passport control. It was there they informed us the flight was being held for us. Which prompted the crazy dash throughthe terminal to the baggage claim where we picked up our backs and carried them a little ways through the terminal, then tossed them onto another conveyor belt.

Then we had to go back through security plus customs. Where normally the professor said, it could take an hour. Instead they rushed our asses through. Random people were searched, random people were sent throught the extra scanning machines and then we were running to the sky-tram to get to the terminal we needed to head out of.

Our group was broken into many tiny groups by this point, as everyone took off at a dead run.

Ours was the second group on the plane, and together with the first, we made up about a 1/3 of the group. By this time, the plane had been waiting 45 minutes for us.

The rest of the group finally managed to get onto the plane, an hour after our flight was supposed to have departed.

We got in to KCI -- finally.

Then our ride picked us up and we did the hour and a half drive home. We made it most of the way there, and came across a downed powerline. LOL So we had to detour down back coutry roads.

FINALLY -- we made it home. At just before 3 am (which is why I made note of it heading in to day 12 ...) we pulled up in front of our home to a major surprise. Someone had stolen my husband and daughter's bikes. We didn't worry too much about them because they had chains, and we had someone coming to our place daily at random times to care for the fish/plants/birds. In hindsight, we would do things different ...

So a visit with a police officer and a report later, we were heading to bed. 3:30 am.

So all in all, I had a lot of fun, but next time (if there is a next time), we are driving (hubby says). And next time, I am taking the bikes (once we replace them) to a friend's house for storage while we are gone.

The real kicker -- my daughter's bike was her birthday gift, so she is all tore up over it.

So the trip really has been a roller coaster.


Jenna Byrnes said...

Sorry to hear about the bikes Michelle. Glad you made it home safely, there was some nasty weather Monday night.

I'd be the one sitting on the plane waiting the hour and a half for everyone to get on, LOL. Except I rarely go anywhere!


Michelle Houston said...

Oh yeah there was. We hit the nasty weather Monday morning flying off of the island to the mainland, then again flying home. Saw an incredible light show out of the window on the plane from Dallas to KC. Didn't help that I had taken meteorology and knew how many times lightening was actually hitting the plane though.

As for the bikes, I am kicking myself in the ass over that. We had to leave so early in the morning to reach the airport 2 hours before our flight that we just simply forgot to move them inside. I kept telling myself that would be ok, but I guess not.

I will be buying my daughter a new one with royalties once I save up enough. Then I will worry about getting hubby a new one.