Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chicken Drop

My father-in-law is retired Air Force, and during the winter he heads to Florida and stays in a campground on military bases.

This last winter, he called us up to tell us about an activity he was participating in. I'm sure you know what a box-car race is. Well, he was helping out in an ouhouse race. Groups of retired military personnel on the base had been doing this for the last several years.

Basically, teams built an outhouse on wheels, and someone had to be able to sit on the toilet while the others pushed him/her around. The person on the seat had to hold a stick and be able to pick up rolls of toilet paper along an obstacle course.

What this has to do with the subject line is this ... until I visited Belize and saw a chicken drop, the outhouse race was the most ridiculous thing I had heard of.

In Belize, the professors encouraged us to attend a chicken drop. Now what that is, is on the beach, there are two plywood sheets with numbers from 1-100 randomly assigned to squares. A fishing net was wrapped around the boards, enclosing them. Only one person can claim each square per round, and bets are 1 dollar Belizian (50 cents US). What the bet is on is very simple. Once each square is bet upon, a chicken is released into the enclousure, and everyone watches and waits to see which square its shit lands on. That's right, betting on where a chicken will shit. LOL

I have to say, that beats an outhouse race.

Right up there though is the Testical Festival. LOL When we first moved back to Missouri, we were heading down one of the rural highways, and we happened to glance at a billboard that read However Many Annual Testical Festival with a giant bull on the sign. Oh yeah ... we were thrilled. For the longest time, that took first place in ridiculousness. Then the outhouse race.

Now ... the chicken drop.

I am almost afraid to see what will come next to replace that one.

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