Friday, May 15, 2009

New Review - Taming the Wolf

Whoohoo! Whipped Cream Reviews gave TAMING THE WOLF 4 and 1/2 cherries on top.

They had this to say ...

"Taming the Wolf is a highly passionate and enjoyable story" ... "I adored the characters and enjoyed what little we learned about them. I was curious about their pasts and enjoyed the little glimpses we get as Ben thinks about his own transition. However, I would have loved to learn even more about these great characters. Ben is such a caring and patient teacher having gone through much of the same things that Nathan does. He had given up on ever having a mate as gay weres are very rare when he met Nathan. As for Nathan, we don’t learn a whole lot about him nor do we get his point of view, but he is a very trusting young man who seems perfect for Ben. They have an interesting chemistry and I’d love to know what happens beyond the end."

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