Friday, May 15, 2009

A few more covers ...

Well, I had time to get in a few more covers now that school is over for a little while. At least, full time school is over. I am taking one summer class, which is three weeks long and fairly intense, but I still have some free time to be creative. : )

Tigra-Luna LeMar loved my cover for My Fair Genie so much that I decided to give her Sexhibition cover a whirl.

I'm new to Nona Wesley's covers, but both of these came up at the same time, and the concepts the author was asking for sounded intriguing, so I decided to give them a go as well. So all three covers this batch are based on interracial couples, and all feature a sexy as hell, knows what she wants, African American lady. Whoooo!

BEHIND THE COVERS: The lady chosen for Tigra-Luna's cover is smoking! I absolutely LOVE that image. She had a specific guy she wanted in the image, and a color scheme so some playing with the images got the elements to blend together. I had to remove the fabric under the lady and replace is with red silk. The guy was isolated from his background, and the same cloth enlarged made a fitting background for him, especially when I faded him into it.

Transforming the images selected for Drawn To You from photos into a more drawing look was a lot of fun. I got to play around with effects in PhotoShop. Plus I wanted it to look like a comic strip, so I got to play with the title and name placement.

As for We All Scream, sneaking in the series title without being too obvious about it was a lot of fun. Going with it on the fortune cookie was a stroke of luck, since it just fit and was still readable. Originally the author called for a take-out container, but none of the ones I could find really worked with the concept, so we went with a fortune cookie instead.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I absolutely ADORE my covers, Sexhibition and My Fair Genie! U rock!