Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Release: A Bid For Love

"A Bid For Love"

Erika had thought that Ryan was out of her life, and that she was over him. When they run into each other at an art action, and he outbids her on a painting of her grandmother' s, she's willing to do anything to get it from him - including agree to spend 48 hours with him. Her head says at the end of it, she can just walk away. Her heart isn't so sure.

http://www.king- Phaze/product= A+Bid+for+ Love/exact_ match=exact

http://www.allroman ceebooks. com/product- abidforlove- 16179-147. html

* Don't forget LOVE SLAVE, the FREE prequel, available at Phaze and All Romance eBooks, which can be read before A Bid For Love, or after.

http://www.phaze. com/freevalentin es/LoveSlave. pdf
http://www.allroman ceebooks. com/product- loveslave- 14669-147. html

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