Monday, April 20, 2009

These are a few ...

... of my favorite things.
-- OWLS --

They definitely top my list of favorite creatures. : )

Something about their faces, the character they express with just a look, is magestic to me.

My favorite owl is the BARN OWL. Their heart shaped face is so cute. : ) I hope to one day manage to see one, outside of a zoo or rehab setting.

I also love SNOWY OWLS. But unlike the Barn Owls, I doubt I will ever get a chance to see one in the wild.

Another type of owl that I like it the BARRED OWL.

Not only have I got to care for one in a wildlife rehab setting at the nature center I volunteer at, but I also saw one in the wild the other day. We were out hiking in my Ornithology class, and we startled one. He flew right over our heads, landed on a tree not to far away and sat there looking at us. With 16x magnification binoculars, I got a really good view of him.

He was GORGEOUS!!!

I'm sure you are wondering what prompted this post. : ) EARTH DAY is just a couple of days away, and I thought about what nature and the planet means to me, while sitting in my Astronomy class and listening about black holes and the ultimate fate of the universe.

One of the things I like the most about nature is the sheer diversity. I may not like every critter on the planet, but each is unique and has its place.

OWLS are just some that I find fascinating.

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