Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Designed some new covers ...

I have a lot to share with this batch.

The first is Jaxx Steele's SIMON SAYS-AHH

It is part of the author's Dreams Delivered series of M/M stories.

BEHIND THE COVER: Because this is part of a series, the author wanted it to match the concept used for the previous book, Dreams Delivered.

Then HUNTED WITNESS by Carol Storm. It's a steamy story, full of romantic suspence and criminal intrigue.

BEHIND THE COVER: The concept for this one came from it being set in Florida, and a beach scene asked for. What isn't shown is that the background is actually three different images. The trees are one, the sandy beach a second and the ocean a third. The foreground is the same beach image, with shells and a sheriff's badge added in. Then the middle image is yet another image, which had the background around the couple removed.

Both of these titles will be coming out in the next few months with Phaze.

The last cover is a redesign for Courtney Bee's MINA.
This title is already out, but like Jenna Allen's DAISY (previous post), and the 2005 heatsheet covers (Shiver and Snuggler - previous post), it was decided to give it an updated look.
BEHIND THE COVER: The author never managed to get back to me on a cover concept, so I had only the blurb to go by. Because of that, I went with a fairly standard sci-fi-ish blending of planets and a couple. That said, this layering of four different images came out a lot better than I had expected. I have to say, I LOVE this cover. Screw bias, I wish it was mine, on a title of mine, I love it that much. LOL

At this time, I don't know when the covers redesigns will be put in to effect. I will post when they do.

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