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As I mentioned in a previous post, Phaze decided to redo some of the covers for their HeatSheet titles. I got to do two of them, SHIVER (which I mentioned in the post and SNUGGLER.

BEHIND THE COVER: I am tickled at how the cover came out. It's soft, and subtle about its sexiness. : ) I can just picture what is going on in front of the fireplace, hidden by the doorway. I also kind of feel like a voyeur when I look at this image ... like I am peeking in on something I shouldn't, yet I can't resist. LOL

Thankfully, this image actually came as is. All I had to add was the font and the snowflake, which I debated out for a while, but I wanted something kind of wintery and whimsical. So I went for it.
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All of the snuggler titles can be found at:

The covers will be changing sometime soon, so keep an eye out!


When Jonathan transferred from the U.S to the Manchester branch of Computers, Inc., Jenny was the first person to make him feel at home. Finding out about his bleak Christmases as a boy, she made up her mind to involve him in all her English Christmas traditions.
Passion sparks between the two as they decorate the Christmas tree, who would have thought such an innocent activity could become so sexually charged? Can Jenny succeed in seducing the hot American and also prove to him that Santa really does exist?

COLD HANDS, WARM ... by Jade Falconer

Secluded together in the dorms over a long, holiday weekend, Billy and Paul have the opportunity to become better acquainted as roommates and friends. As the night wears on, both soon find they have more in common than they realize, including a strong mutual attraction guaranteed to keep them warm all winter long.

FAIRY TAIL by Courtney Bee

You'll never be able to look at Tinkerbell the same way again! In a fantasy world of dragons and ogres, hapless peasant Adam saves the life of a feisty fairy queen who attempted to rob him! Now the tables have turned and forest law decrees that Adam shall be granted one wish. Taunted by the winged spitfire's luscious curves and fiery tongue, he knows exactly what he's going to wish for...


When Joe meets sexy Marie, he bets his pal that he can score with the feistyredhead before Christmas. But will that wager cost him the best present ofhis life?

WINTER'S DARE by Leigh Ellwood

Holed up in Dare House Museum, Kate Robeson is content to live with the ghosts of the past. Finding a man can wait, much to her mother's consternation. Yet, when Kate discovers the ghosts haunting the oldest house in Dareville have their own plans for Kate, she quickly reconsiders her solitary position, and yearns for the missionary one!
When Devon Williams happens upon Dare House for a research project, Kate is instantly struck. The secrets he reveals of his connection to Polly Dare and her servant Athena are shocking, yet with a little push from some otherworldly friends, Kate comes to see that all work and no play makes for a dull winter, indeed.


David Shaw is alone at his winter retreat when by chance he meets Christabel, a woman known for her cold heart. Immediately enchanted by the mysterious stranger, he is determined to break down her icy defenses as he falls hard. Underneath her tough-as-nails exterior, he sees the heart of a woman in need of love.
After their surprise encounter in the snow, Christabel Lockheart never expected to see David again so soon, especially not in the workplace. As they work together, she tries in vain to deny the hunger she feels every time he looks at her. Will she hold on to her precious control? Not if he has anything to say about it.


A lonely writer, a snow storm and a sexy man with amnesia...all the makings for one hot Christmas Eve! Can Ginny find the inspiration she needs to get her career, and love life, out of the cold?

SAN DIEGO SUNSET by Alessia Brio and Will Belegon

At some point in each of our lives, if we're lucky, we become receptive to the messages of the universe. We must then choose between living or merely existing. This is a tale of such choosing. Never underestimate the power of dreams.

SANTA'S HELPER by Yvette Hines

Nicole has been working for Marco department store for three years and has loved David, the owner's middle son for just as long. Quiet, sexy, business-minded David Marco with his thick black hair and chocolate brown eyes that make her wet just looking at them. Shoved inside a too small elf costume, finding out that David is leaving in a few days to open up another store and having her car battery die is enough to make her Christmas Eve go from bad to worse. But when David shows up to assist her, she soon discovers that there are big perks being Santa's Helper.


A dominant lover takes his submissive partner on a weekend trip to the mountains. Winter wonderland will never hold the same meaning after this...

S'MORES by Jalena Burke

Alyssa thought she was spending a quiet, romantic Christmas in a mountain cabin with her husband, but when he tells her that his mother is coming and won't agree to say they have other plans, Alyssa leaves without him. After the last catastrophic holiday with her mother-in-law, she would rather spend Christmas by herself. When Alyssa arrives there, she realizes how much she misses her husband, though it's too late for her now. Or is it? Minor McClaren has no intention of letting his wife spend Christmas without him.


When Molly's boyfriend Seth invites her to go on a romantic snowboarding weekend, she's thrilled. Picturing long, steamy evenings spent in front of a roaring fire while snowflakes swirl outside, she completely disregards one small fact. Molly can't snowboard--not at all. But, she reasons, her sexy boyfriend can't really expect to go snowboarding--can he?


Ten years ago, a searing affair nearly derailed Tomas Dalmau's budding career. Now Rana, the winter elemental who robbed him of more than his innocence, has struck again.
As a sentinel, charged with keeping order in the paranormal world, Tomas knows his witchcraft can't touch Rana. He asks for the case anyway. Why? Because he has a weapon the other sentinels don't have. And he is bound and determined to take back what she stripped away the first time they met.
The only problem is desire doesn't die. No matter how cynical you are.

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