Monday, March 30, 2009

1st cover out!

The first book with one of my covers on it is now out!!!

It's the first book in the Slippery When Wet series by Jenna Byrnes and Jude Mason, Jenna Byrnes' "Wanted Dead Or Alive"

Dan Radisson has been released from Corcoran State Prison and never intends to go back. He's working his twelve steps, minding his own business, and trying to resume some degree of normalcy living in the home of his sister and her family.
Trey Wallace knows what he likes and isn't afraid to go after it. When he meets Dan at an AA meeting he sees exactly what he wants, but questions whether the newly freed man is ready to dive into the type of sexual relationship Trey has in mind.
Dan's ready for the sex, but not so sure about life on the outside. When he stumbles upon a homicide and runs from the scene in the same way he did in the past, suddenly he's a wanted man. Dan must either solve the crime or risk returning to the place he dreads the most--the prison that changed his life.


Jamie Hill said...

woo hoo! You know I love all the covers for the series. Thanks Michelle!

Judy said...

I did not know you designed book covers. You really do a great job. I like both of them. I know the other authors like them :)

Judy (

Michelle Houston said...

Jamie - Thanks babe. I am so tickled that you like your covers. : )

Judy - Thanks so much. Yeah, graphics is a hobby of mine, and I was thrilled when I got the approval to join the phaze Art team.

Cynthya said...

Very nice! Got to love the handcuffs. I didn't know you did book covers, either.