Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It was a busy spring break for me. : )

Part of it was spent working on a favorite task of mine - graphics!

Phaze decided to redo some of the covers for their HeatSheet titles, and I got to work on the SHIVER heatsheet cover.

I am so thrilled with how it turned out. : ) I LOVE that image.

BEHIND THE COVER: When I went looking for images for the cover, I came across the image of this couple and I was struck at how perfect it was. With his lips pressed against her hair, he could be a vampire or simply a man in lust. She on the other hand, because of shadowing to the image, had an almost eerie gaze. I wanted the title to stand out, so I added a layer of smoke behind it. Blend in a spooky tree for effect, and toss in a small bat to the moon (just for whimsy) and the Shiver redesign was done.
~ * ~

All of the shiver titles can be found at:

The old cover is still up for the moment, but will be updated with one of the next few updates. I can't wait!

Swing by and take a peek at these wonderful titles. You don't have to wait for Halloween to enjoy a shiver down your spine. : )

EBB MOON by Emily Veinglory
Kyne has become a werewolf and been sent into exile. Her desire to hunt and kill will soon overwhelm her until a clever man finds that stimulating other desires will save him from her attack. Jasper finds himself in love with a young girl who harbors a monster in her soul·and takes drastic measures to stay with her.

EROTIQUE by Alessia Brio
Mandy stands to inherit the family legacy - a famous Philadelphia adult toy store and museum called Erotique - but she first has to meet the terms of the will and spend the night. With the help of her best friend, Bruce, she soon discovers the exhibits are VERY educational and her feelings for Bruce run deeper than she realized.

Sevra enjoys her lovemaking served up with a healthy dose of fear on the side. Robert likes to give her what she wants. Tonight it's Halloween and Sevra's about to enjoy an evening of fearfully delicious entertainment. And Robert? He's going to provide her with some tasty surprises...

JACK OF HEARTS by Leigh Ellwood
Immortal Lars has waited centuries to reunite with his beloved Lila, his soul mate. And now, on this Halloween night, he has found her. But she is not at all what he'd been expecting...

Cass Armstrong goes looking for trouble at the Hunter's Moon Ball and finds itv-just not in the form she was hoping fora
When an Internet chat buddy invites her to the hedonistic Halloween party, Cass jumps at the chance to wear something risquT and indulge herself in some wicked fun. But she quickly forgets the man she's there to meet when she spies the devilishly handsome Marcus looking dark and sinfulv-like a sexy vampire.
But trouble soon finds her, and Cass must fight for her life against beings she never knew existed...

MOONDANCE by Selah March
Zoey Ryder has made some stupid choices in her lifetime. Her latest has landed her alone and broke at an isolated highway rest area in the middle of the night. Faced with two very different men offering assistance, she needs to choose again.
Who will it be? The gorgeous, charming, golden-haired (and did we mention gorgeous?) truck driver, who seems to want to help her? Or the dark, scowling night manager with the creepy scar and the bad--if compelling--attitude, who plainly doesn't like her? Her head tells her to pick the cutie with the viable means of transportation. Her gut, and other parts of her anatomy, feel differently.
When the rising moon triggers bloodlust in a beast...when the rules of reality ebb and flow like the tides...when the consequences of her choice go from bad to worse...from cheap thrill to deadly seduction...
...will Zoey find a way out of her erotic nightmare?

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