Friday, October 31, 2008

November Contest (Song Lyrics) - The Rules

My birthday is this month, and it is a big one. So I want to have a little bit of fun. : ) Therefore, I am having a month long contest.

Each day of November a new post will go up on my blog ( with a few lyrics from a song that I listen to. Send me an email at 'thewriter @' (without the spaces) with the song title and artist, and you will get your name entered into a drawing for prize(s) give out at the end of the month.

You can enter once a day, and if you want to enter all 30 days of November you can, or you can pick and chose as the month goes along. I have varied the genres and themes of the songs, so that hopefully there will be at least one song that you are familiar with.

At the end of the month, depending on the number of entries, I will determine the amount of prizes given out. There will be a minimum of two prizes however (provided there are at least two entries). One will be a goody bag. One will be a free download of one of my titles (haven't decided which one yet). Beyond that, you all determine how many prizes are given out by how many entries there are in my contest, and by the amount of different people that play. Who knows, there might even be a print book offered up, if there are enough entries.


Michelle Houston

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