Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Blog Updates

I FINALLY figured it out. Whoohoo!

My blog has a new color scheme that is all mine. Mine mine mine mine mine!


I do my website with the aid of a program that does all of the html crap for me, so going through lines of code and trying to figure out what the change and all is a nightmare for me. I actually created another blog and did all the tweaking on it, just to make sure I didn't screw this one up.

It has taken me forever and a day to get things figured out -- but I finally managed it and have updated my blog to match the look of my website. I kept the blue color scheme of the blog (obviously I know LOL), but now the colors actually match the image (which matches the one on my website) rather than being a template with just an image tossed on.

So, whatcha think?


D. Musgrave said...

Love the new layout. Very pleasing to the eyes.

Derek Musgrave

Michelle Houston said...

Thanks sweetie. : )