Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tuesday Teaser: Golf Balls

For today's teaser I thought this one appropriate as my hubby and daughter are out golfing.

I can handle the driving range, but I just don't have the staying power to make it thorugh even a 9 hole game of golf. I just don't. Normally if I go I drive the golf cart for hubby and our daughter rides along with hubby's father. But today they are walking. July in Missouri. And they are walking the golf course.

Um, nope. I think I am just fine staying home in the nice air conditioning watching cable TV. LOL

Anyways, here's the teaser.

"You have 9 golf balls. 8 of which are equal in weight. The ninth is slightly heavier then the rest. You also have a balancing scale. Can you use this scale two times and only two times in order to tell which ball is heavier?"

As always, feel free to post your guesses in the comments section. You can always remain anonymous if you are worried about your guess being wrong.

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