Monday, March 10, 2008

Just Released: Parallel Attraction

Whoohoo! PARALLEL ATTRACTION is now available for purchase at:

It's the first in a series of stories set in an alternate reality. I still have to come up with a title for the series, but I am thinking of calling it "What If ...".

Anna-Marie Dallas is having a bad day. She's in a hostage situation where the odds aren't in her favor. When the gunman detonates the bomb he's been threatening, her fears are realized--she' s going to die.

Instead of waking up in the hereafter, she finds herself in a parallel reality, that split off sometime during the second world war. In the alternate universe, a third world war decimated their population, and they're struggling to rebuild.

Adjusting to the shift in reality, Anna-Marie also struggles with her growing attraction to Alex Brent, and finds that her life is not done changing.

The first review has come in, and in case you missed the post about it, is was a good one. You can check it out at:

If you have any suggestions for a series title, feel free to suggest it.

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