Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Mix-up

Happy St. Patty's day to everyone who celebrates. I am not much in to the holiday, despite being of Scotch-Irish descent, but then again i am not much into most holidays.

But that's not the topic I wanted to post about today.

Today I wanted to share some kick-@ss conservation programs that are out there for teachers/parents who are home schooling their kids/day care providers.

The first one is one I attended on Saturday and am now certified to teach. It's called Project Learning Tree and focuses on forest ecology and conservation. It's primary purpose is to teach kids about environmental conservation, but it also strives to get kids outdoors again. So many live a sedintary life spent in front of the TV or playing computer/video games. School isn't much better, with the windows occasionally opened to let in fresh air. Kids need activity, especially on nice spring days. Project Learning Tree gives teachers activities that teach the same concepts in a way that allows for actual interaction with nature.

This summer I am planning to attend my second training session, this one for Project WILD, which has a offshoot called Project WILD Aquatic. The training session certifies those who attend to use both programs. It's focus is on the natural world - specifically the animals in it. I am REALLY looking forward to this program.

There are two additional programs - which I am hoping will be offered in my area. Although they are national programs, each state does their own training sessions, and sometimes the seminars can be few and far between, if they are offered at all.

One of the programs is called Project WET, and you guessed it, it deals with water. While the Aquatic section of Project WILD deals with the animal life, WET focuses more on water itself. So much of our water is tied up in oceans, glaciers, and waste water. Such a tiny amount is supposed to provide for all life on the planet. It's amazing to think about.

The other program is called Project Flying Wild and is the one I am HOPING like crazy I will be able to attend. I LOVE birds - watching them fly, learning about them - and I am fortunate that my college offers an Ornithology class, which I am planning to take in the Spring semester. So to find out that the wonderful professor who organizes the seminars for WILD and Learning Tree is willing to try and make Flying Wild happen was thrilling to me. I really hope it's possible.

There is one last program that might interest some, but isn't one I will probably be able to take. It's called Project Webfoot, and is an offshoot of the Project WET program. It deals with wetland protection and conservation, and looks to be a new program, and one not offered that many places. I do plan to look into it though.


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