Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Suggestions - for changeling fans

I have a lot of favorite authors, as this week's (and coming weeks') Thursday Thirteen shows/will show. I also read a lot in various genres.

But on Sunday's I want to do more than possibly turn you on to a new author. I want to share a favorite book with you. I might also occasionally share a CD or somg as well. Who knows. ; )

For my first Sunday Suggestion, I want to tell you about Nalini Singh's ( first book in her Psy/Changeling series called Slave To Sensation.

I saw this book for months before I actually bought it and gave the author a try. I was hesitant about spending precious money on a new author, when I already had so many others on my auto-buy list. I am sure many of you will understand that sentiment.

But something about the book kept calling to me. And finally I picked it up and checked out. Boy was I sure glad that I did to. This book ROCKED. The characters were unique, and complex, and totally fabulous. The universe Ms Singh created was spellbinding.

The changelings live my feeling - passion, love, devotion, empathy, and so much more. The Psy live by silence. They have shut out emotion, and instead live by cold logic and the desire for power. Their minds are linked, and what one knows, the others soon do.

But there are some Psy who crack. Their minds buckle under the strain of silence, and they are removed. Sascha Duncan believes she is one of those. And she is doing her very best to hide what she believes is a flaw - until she meeting a sexy shapeshifter who makes her feel.

One of my friends at work asked if I knew any good authors for her to give a try, and I loaned her my copy of Slave To Sensation. Now she's hooked too. LOL

The best part is, the second book to the series is also out. And the third book is coming out next month on the 4th. The following month, Nalini Singh will have a novella set in the same universe out in an anthology. So if you try the book and like it, you won't have long to wait for more.

There is an excerpt for Slave To Sensation on Nalini Singh's website at:

If you try this wonderful author and like her book, let me know. I'd love to read what others think of the world she has created.

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