Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Mix-Up - fall semester

Wow, I have nothing that is immediatly coming to mind to say. : )

So I guess I will tell you a little bit about the coming semester of college for me. Since it starts next week and all.

I am insane - and taking 15 hours worth of classes. Most of them science classes.

Chemistry and a Chemistry lab
Genetics and a Genetics lab
Educational Psychology

I am also running for an office in my school's chapter of the National Science Teachers Asociation. NSTA for short. The national organization is at

Plus, one of my best friends is the President of the school's chapter of the Wildlife Society, so I am looking to join that as well, only as a member. They do some really fun things, including having speakers come out and talk and doing a Halloween fun event and a BioBlitz in the spring. The national website for them is

I'm also going to be working, spending time with my family, and trying to write. Plus, there is also Poken Night. LOL

Some of my co-workers and classmates are getting together every Tuesday night at my place for some relaxation time, a pot-luck, and poker. we don't play for money, so no one looses out. And we have a lot of fun.

This semester looks to be busy, and I am looking forward to several of my classes and activities. I shall do my best to keep you all up-to-date throughout the semester.


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