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413 Remembrance Lane author Jamie Hill

Jamie Hill

1. Tell us a little bit about your characters in "Let the Sunshine In", your story in 413 Remembrance Lane.

- Scott and Terri Walker moved to New Orleans from California. His father died and left them the house at 413 Remembrance Lane. They saw it as an opportunity to escape the big city and move east. Terri suffered a miscarriage, and their marriage is shaky. She desperately wants a baby, while Scott just wants his wife back. They meet up with artist Rafe McAllister, and Scott learns he doesn't know exactly what he wants.


2. How did you come up with the idea for your story?

- Not sure about this one! It just came to me. This was my first attempt at writing M/M sex, and after some guidance from more experienced writer friends, I think it worked out quite nicely!


3. What was your initial reaction to doing a story based around a diary and a house?

- I was all for it! The idea was intriguing, and fun to plot out.


4. What was the most fun part about doing this in depth of collaboration?

- I actually enjoyed choosing the year 1971, and researching trivia and facts from that year. I added as much of that as I could, including the beautiful avocado green appliances, and the fact that my characters thought Richard Nixon was a great president, who would go down in history!


5. Now that the anthology is out and hindsight has had a chance to kick in - is there anything about your story or characters you would change?

- I'm very happy with the story, and how it meshes with the anthology.


6. What else do you have coming out soon?

- I currently have a chapter book being released monthly from Freya's Bower. Edge of Sanity, Book 1, came out July 17. The four future books, each about 6K, will be released August through November. In September I have another M/M/F novella from Phaze called Deep Obsessions. There are a couple more titles in early 2008, also from Phaze, Change of Plans and Head Over Heels.

7. What are you working on right now?

- I finished a Christmas story for Phaze HeatSheets, and am hopeful that will be selected in the September announcement. I'm also writing a novella for the Urban Phaze line, set in Seattle, which will hopefully be released in 2008. I've got a paranormal novella lined up for Freya's Bower, and about a dozen other things floating round in my head!

For more information about my current or upcoming titles, please visit my website: Thanks, and happy reading! ~Jamie

413 Remembrance Lane: Diary of a House is now available for purchase from Phaze


Jamie Hill said...

Thanks Michelle, I appreciate your posting this!

You're becoming quite the blogger, gf! LOL



Michelle Houston said...

LOL Not a problem at all hon.

I am trying to blog more. But I often don't have much to say. That's part why I am going to start doing themed posts, like the Thursday Thirteen. : )