Sunday, June 19, 2016

Maidens, Butterflies, and Sexy Women

After a lot of writer's block, frustration with characters not behaving, and life generally getting in the way of creativity - I have managed to get back into writing again.

To celebrate, I am re-releasing the last of my previously published works.


When Margaret Dudley joined the ranks of Queen Elizabeth I’s gentlewomen, she never expected the whirlwind of changes that occurred in her life.  Expecting to retreat to the background, to serve her sovereign with integrity and devotion, she never dreamed she’d find herself embroiled in a world of jealousy, lust, and betrayal.  Or that she would experience a love that surpasses all.


All work and no play?  Not in their office.

Elaine’s relationship with her office assistant went from a normal friendship to lovers, and they are both struggling to find the balance between their professional and personal lives together.  Steve wants to take things public, but Elaine is worried about possible complications.  So he decides to show her who's boss, with a little help from her submissive nature and a sexy new toy in Michelle Houston’s Butterfly’s Effect.


Exhibitionism and Voyeurism.  The thrill of watching … and being watched.  Enjoy them both in this collection by Michelle Houston.

The camera catches the inner soul to a person, catching the hidden emotions we are too afraid to let others see.  Daria is one of those people, and just for a brief moment, she lets Lynsay see her how she really is in The Window of the Soul.

Tempted is the best way to describe Elaine’s reaction to leather; especially when it was hugging the tight curves of a woman.  She prowled the clubs, secretly thrilling in the view.  What she hadn't expected was to run into one of her former students - a former student with an interesting ultimatum.

Stacie's lover Amy has arranged things so that she can indulge her exhibitionist streak in a safe environment - from behind the safety of peepshow booth windows.  She gets to be center stage, putting on a show with her lover, without the risk of getting caught.  It’s an exhibitionist’s dream, being watched by every Peeping Tom, Dick and Harriett.

All three of these are now available at All Romance eBooks and Smashwords

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