Saturday, March 16, 2013

New year, new website look, new releases (finally!)

As you can see if you visit my website - - the look of my website has just undergone a transformation.  Given that it has been two years since my last major modification to the website, I felt it was time.  (As long-time fans will know, I tend to change the color/look at least once a year).  I wanted something that would better fit the very broad range of my stories.

Life has been crazy the last couple of years, which has unfortunately pushed my writing time to the back burner.  I finished up my long awaited Bachelor's degree, and rolled into Master's program.  So the word THESIS has become a four-letter work in my household.  The good news is, the energy to write has once again taken over and I am hard at work on a couple of different stories as well as some other projects.  One of the projects is now done (hopefully) - yep, it was a website overhaul.  Please email me if you noticed an 'oopses' that I missed. : )

Another major project is the overhaul of some of my stories.  So you will notice on some pages that some stories are unavailable at this time because I am reworking them.  The first batch I am working on is the Second Chance At Love stories: Diggin' Up Bones, A Change of Pace, Her Best Man and A Bid For Love.  My contract has ended on those, so I am reclaiming the rights and touching them up.  Some will get more work done to them than others.

Also planned for overhaul are: Blood Slave, Enslaving Heaven (including a planned sequel), Parallel Attraction (including a planned sequel or three), Fated To Be, and Playing For Keeps.

Kinky Girls Do has also been pulled, and I am planning to release each of the stories individually, since I have written a couple new stories about my kinky girls.

At this time, I am uncertain what I am going to do with Fangs & Fur - I am debating if when I expand/touch the stories up if I should separate them, or keep them together.

As for what is new in my writing world, as I mentioned I have ideas for a couple sequels, but I am hard at work currently on a totally new M/M D/s story.  I don't want to reveal too much just yet, since quite honestly I have no idea how long the sucker is going to wind up being.  I will share details as the story stands to wind down.  I will say I am really excited about it.

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