Sunday, June 05, 2011

New Reviews for some of my lesbian stories


"...Michelle defines each of the women beautifully, providing just enough background and context to create erotic and meaningful stories, rather than just individual scenes of sex. Crazy, wild, and undeniably hot, "Private Eyes" is definitely worth a read." ~ Siren Book Reviews


"As a fan of Ms. Houston's works, I was astonished by this book. The story is so heartfelt, it practically comes alive before your eyes. Incredibly enough, I almost found myself searching on Google to see if this story had any basis in facts, for it was so real and so effortless to believe in...As Ms. Houston's first attempt at Historical Romance, I take my hat off and say "bravo" and urge all historical romances' fans out there to read this story. I will be eagerly waiting for her next book, hoping she will brave using her amazing skills at a longer and deeper piece." ~ The Romance Studio

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