Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little bit of background - Her Majesty's Maiden

When I was writing Her Majesty's Maiden, I knew that I wanted only one image for the cover - the image I used - that of a young redhead reclining amid red sheets.

I love that image!

Partially I think, due to her facial expression, that almost dreamy gaze off to the side. She knows something that no one else does.

I also like it for the image it references to, a gorgeous piece of art - Titain's Venus Urbino. The background image is even the same one.

I admit, I would have liked it more had the position also been a bit closer, but then again, had the position been closer to the painting, I wouldn't have been able to use the image for my cover.

It has been suggested that the image shows a hint of a woman embracing her sexuality - that the placement of Venus' hand suggests at a moment of self-enjoyment. Whether her hand is placed there for modesty's sake, or for a hint of naughtiness, that image is classically beautiful, and infinitely appealing to me.

One day I hope to own a good quality print of it.

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