Friday, February 11, 2011

A definite pick-me-up

So, after the week I have I had ... it was really nice when a review was shared with me. This one is a bit different though, it isn't for my own story.

So why do I care?

Well ... my hard work was mentioned ... since I did the cover art for the book.

"So overall, I loved the stories. Each of them was very different, which was something that I enjoyed. My two favorites have to be Playing with Destiny and High Maintenance. Oh and one more quick thing before I go, don't you just love the cover? I look forward to reading more of Ms. Hill's work very soon. Impulsive is a great book to have with you while you're on the go or only have a few minutes to relax. Just enough time to get lost in a short story and still be done in time for dinner." ~ Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

Since I worked really hard to incorporate elements from each of the four stories into the cover, it was really nice to have all my work appreciated. (By more than the author and publisher at any rate - since they both also love the cover).

Now if you are curious as to which elements are from which story, and how they all play out ... well, I guess that you will just have to read Impulsive won't you?

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