Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some long overdue reviews

This semester has been crazy! I am so glad that things are finally wrapping up. I graduate in three weeks. Weeeeee!

So, since the holidays are here and I finally have a little bit of time to play around on the internet, I am updating my sorely out of date blog. Sorry for letting this slide the last few months ... but I had to do it.

Now, for the reviews that have come in the last couple months.


Kirsten of BDSM books rated A Bid For Love an 8 out of a 10.

""A Bid For Love" is a nice little short that packs a lot of emotion...Pacing was fine. Prose and dialogue were good, and character development was well done..."A Bid For Love" is a sweet story with a nice ending." ~ Read the entire review


Elisa Rolle said of Healing the Fox:

"I really like this series of short stories by Michelle Houston about M/M shapeshifter lovers...The lovers are extraordinary ordinary men, and yes, I meant the contraposition in the words. They are extraordinary since they are shapeshifters, in this case fox-shifters, but they are nothing out of the ordinary in their day-to-day lives." ~ Read the entire review


Athena of The Romance Studio gave my hot collection 5 Hearts! Whoohoo!

"This collection of short stories of exhibition and voyeurism is absurdly hot. What these stories do to your senses is beyond words...Overall, this collection is amazing, scorching, sizzling, and truly one that begs a cold shower after it's finished." ~ Read the entire review

Clare C of HEA Reviews gave Private Eyes 4.5 Tea Cups.

"All three stories were bring-me-a-fire-extinguisher hot. Each gave the reader enough of the character's background to make them and their situation real. Houston definitely draws the reader in from the first sentence, and she keeps them glued for the whole ride. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good, short, scorching F/F read." ~ Read the entire review


Ephemera of Rainbow Reviews gave my first historical erotic romance 4 Stars.

"Ths short story slips into one of the cracks of history, and carves out a private space for itself, in the privacy of Elizabeth I's bedchamber...While the story is unashamedly and delightfully erotic, I was initially a little worried that it would delve further into the potential for power play between Margaret and the queen that I'd be comfortable with, but Houston avoids the obvious, and instead develops a very balanced, playful, and heartfelt relationship between the two women." ~ Read the entire review

Loving Venus - Loving Mars had some really nice things to say about Her Majesty's Maiden:

"What a nice little story this was! It’s got all the elements to make it not only erotic, but fun to read. Like a typical fairytale story with greed, passion, and evil doings. Although it’s a short story, it was written with no big gaping holes or areas left untouched with a nice flow in the story telling. ... Strictly from a visceral experience, I thought the characters came to life in a real way. ... The interactions between the two are sweet and hot at the same time. I’m rather fond of stories in which both parties feel an intense passion for each other and this comes through in this story. I can't help it, I'm a bit of a sucker for that type of love in books, one in which deep loyalty is part of the passion even if it borders on obsessive. ... Bottom line, I enjoyed this book. It left me feeling good and like I was fully entertained, which is what I want in a book." ~ Read the entire review

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