Monday, October 25, 2010

It's been wild!

The last couple months I have been student teaching, and it has been flat out chaos at my house. While I am trying to wrap up my degree and get ready to graduate, my daughter has been nearing her 13th birthday, and hubby and I have birthdays as well.

Add in to that the fact that hubby is wrapping up his own degree, working on a major service project, my daughter is in the 7th grade, has joined the choir, is in band, active in Science Olympiad, and hubby and my daughter are very active in Aikido, its been fun juggling all the events.

So when we can get a break, we take it.

A few weeks ago, we went to the KC Zoo and bummed around for a bit. Saw the new polar eear exhibit and the new tropics they have added. After that, we headed to the KC Japan Festival, and saw Denver Taiko which is always a treat!

Last weekend was hubby's birthday, and we headed out of two to celebrate. Since it is so close to my daughter's birthday, they decided on the St Louis Zoo and the World Bird Sanctuary (

We have really wanted to visit the Bird Sanctuary for a while now, so it was a real treat to make it out there for their open house, where we got to go behind the scenes. I have really wanted to work with a group like the Bird Sanctuary, but in this economy, I just don't see many places hiring, and it is such a small field. So I am going to look at other options, and keep checking out the various organizations for job openings.

So now that I have made it to the World Bird Sanctuary, that brings my "zoo" list to:

World Bird Sanctuary -

Belize Zoo - Belize, Central America

Sedgewick County Zoo - Wichita, Ks

Kansas City Zoo - Kansas City, Mo

Miami Metro Zoo - Miami, Fl

Knoxville Zoo - Knoxville, Tn

Louisville Zoo - Louisville, Ky

SeaWorld - Orlando, Fl

SeaWorld - San Diego, Ca

Dickerson Park Zoo - Springfield, Mo

Gulf World - Panama City, Fl

St Louis Zoo - St Louis, Mo

Busch Gardens - Tampa, Fl

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas - New Orleans, La

Audubon Zoo - New Orleans, La

There are several that I am really hoping to be able to go back and visit, since it has been a long while, and I still have a massive list of those that I want to make it out to visit.

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