Sunday, August 01, 2010

5 Hearts!!!

Oh my goodness! The Romance Studio reviewed BLACKOUT and rated it EXCELLENT!!!

I am overwhelmed!

"Alec and Nick are in love with each other, and yet, they are afraid to say anything about their feelings. Until one night...when Mother Nature decides to intervene.
I will admit it, I am not normally a fan of same-sex romance, mainly because of the fact that I seldom come across one that I feel is well written. I was extremely surprised when, not only did I enjoy 'Blackout', I found myself re-reading it twice more before I wrote this review. Alec's doubts, Nick's insecurities, their fantasies -- all came together to create a book that I will continue to enjoy for a long time to come. I loved the idea of using a city-wide heat wave, followed by a city-wide blackout, to get these two men into a situation where they are forced to confront, not only themselves, but the other person as well. 'Blackout' has earned a permanant place within my TBR mountain. "

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