Friday, July 30, 2010

Cowboy's Dungeon

Well, I did it. I self-published my first title. I am terrified, but it is now available for purchase. LOL

I am starting out slowly, so at the moment, you can only find it on my website at in pdf format, and at Smashwords in numerous formats. Since they convert for me for sales on their site, I went with them first. But now I have to figure out the file conversions myself for the other websites, since I am sure they don't want a Smashwords Edition mentioned in their file.

For now though, you can check out my kinky tale of pony-play at Smashwords or buy it directly from me, and pay via paypal.

I want to thank D Musgrave and Jenna Brynes for being such wonderful editors! I appreciate you guys!

* * *

Natalie's husband is the dominant in their sexual relationship. In all other aspects, she has an equal say, but when it comes to the bedroom (or his playroom) he sets the pace. Out in the barn, he has created a "dungeon" that would rival any city master's domain ... but he has added his own touch.

Content warning: D/s, pony play, spanking
2,500-3,000 words

* * *

I hope to have my second release up in the next week or so. But again, I am going to be taking things slow and see how it all goes. I really hope that you all continue to support me in this endeavor as you have with all my past releases.

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