Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Reviews!

I've got new reviews to share ...

Whipped Cream Reviews gave THE LIFE NOT LIVED 4 cherries on top.

"This was a nice, sweet short story. Natasha had lived her life for others. She did what was expected of her by getting a degree in Science and marrying Andrew. Although she tried to play the good wife, her marriage was doomed to fail eventually since she would always love her college sweetheart, Lydia. So many people do this on a daily basis. Marry who they are expected to be with and not necessarily what their heart tells them, because this is so common it made the story seem plausible. With a nice sweet story about true love this author did not go wrong and I give it four cherries."

Manic Reviews took a look at ALL ALONE IN THE NIGHT and said:

"All Alone in the Night is a sexy tale ... in the vastness of space. [A]n exciting romp in a strange new world."

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