Monday, September 28, 2009

Another new cover ...

Sometimes a request comes in for a cover with such a unique concept that I just can't pass it up. Regina Riley's FLIRTING WITH DEATH was one of those.

Really, I didn't have to do too much for this one. The author had picked out the image she wanted, and it was simply a matter of my contrasting it and darkening the woman's skin tone so that she didn't look bleached out, then adding font.

Which as you may have noticed from previous threads, can be a bit of a pain. Alessia Brio said to me once that the blending of images and creating the cover comes naturally to a lot of cover artists, but fonts don't. I have to agree, at least for me, they don't. I struggle with the effect I am trying to get and what actually comes out. LOL

With this cover, the author didn't want too intricate of a font. Yet the work flirting needed something. I think I found the right touch with the font I selected, giving it a bit of a difference, without overwhelming the author with a scripty font she didn't want. To make up for it, I went with a bolder font for with death, giving it a stronger contrast, and understanting the impact of the font for flirting. I added a whiet to dark grey gradient to with death, a glow around the authors name and left it at that.

It's simple with a slight punch, hopefully meeting what the author was wanting.

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