Sunday, July 19, 2009

Three new covers ...

First up is Nona Wesley's SINGLE LADIES.

I'll have to add the blurb in later when I get it.

BEHIND THE COVER: The author has asked for something along the lines of her earlier covers (We All Scream / Drawn To You). I know the basis of the story revolves around a TV show that takes place in a cafe and the main charaters love interest. It's an I/R story, so we have the sexy couple all cuddled together. We also have the cafe setting.

I debated how I wanted to bring the romance and the TV elements together, and I decided since the show is takes place in a cafe, why not have a TV on the wall of a cafe, with the couple on it. So I found the images I wanted, and after copy and splicing and trimming images, I had the look I was going for.

~ * ~

DEAD MEN GET NO TAIL was a rather interesting cover to work on. Mostly because the premise behind the story was so different.

College is a time for experiementation, and boy, do Clay and Jack experiment.

When Jack decides he's left no tangible legacy behind after four years of college, he decides to go out with a bang--by planning his own fake funeral. With his best friends at his side, he plans for the entire senior class to "see him off" with stories of how wonderful he is.

All his friends are on board with the prank, except Clay. And the problem is, Clay doesn't know why he hates the idea of hosting Jack's funeral so much. Could it be because of the feelings stirring within him every time he looks at his best friend? Will Clay find the courage to tell Jack how he feels, or will he bury his feelings six feet deep?

BEHIND THE COVER: This cover was a TON of fun to craft. Trying to get exactly the image the author wanted of a specific type of couple looking into each other's eyes or kissing proved to be impossible. I just couldn't get the images to look right and line up as I needed them to. So I stepped back, and played with a concept.

The background to this story takes place at a college, in a dorm room, so the image of the guy sitting in the window with a laptop on the table was a perfect find. I removed the reflection of him on the tabel and imposed a M/M couple, lightened it and faded it into the surface, giving it a faint gloss so that I looks like a reflection. I really think the subtleness of it is attractive.

The font is basic TNR because it is the basic font required in a lot of college classes, so I figured I would go with that. The color selection of the font though was twofold. I matches the couple, but it is also brown -- dirt colored. See where I am going?

~ * ~

What do you get when you mix a man that loves to go fast a bookworm?

Rebecca Lindsay is perfectly happy with her quiet life. She let her father live the fast life for both of them. But when Mark Anderson walks into her library with his tenderness towards a little orphaned girl, she loses her heart instantly. But is she ready to be the woman of a celebrity? Or will she make gossip and stupidity tear them a part.

Mark Anderson knows that all eyes are on him. There aren't many African American men who are NARC(National Adrenaline Racing Commission) drivers and after having to fight for his sponsor - he has every intention of behaving himself and winning the big race. But his love of books and children sends him into an obsession with a shy librarian that threatens to burn his body, break his heart and drive him crazy.

BEHIND THE COVER: Velocity was a rather difficult cover to do. I wanted to show a blending of the two worlds the authors mentioned. There's the lady, who is used to libraries and taking things one step at a time. The gentleman however is used to speed, since he races.

So I knew what effect I wanted to achieve, just not how to go about it.

The couple were originally outdoors, but some cropping and fading meshed them well on the hood of the car. So I got the race car in the image, and managed to have a sexy and sassy couple as well. But now I needed a track ... but I also wanted some of her world. Thanks to the perfect angle image of a library, I was able to remove the carpet and replace it with a racetrack.

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