Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A new way to buy E-Books

I love Barnes and Noble, have for a long time. When I lived in Kansas City, I used to love going down to the plaza with my husband (when we were dating), and walking along the river or just meandering our way through the plaza itself.

One of the things we always did though, was visit the B&N on the plaza.

So I was tickled, yet I admit worried, when B&N bought Fictionwise. I didn't know what their plans were, and how it would affect me and the thousands of other e-pubbed authors like me.

Luckily, it seems to be for the better. Because they now offer my titles on the B&N website. Whoohoo!

Websites will never completely replace the feel of being in a bookstore for me, but I am glad to see B&N embracing e-books. I am hoping to see the day were every bookstore has a computer terminal where you can select e-books and burn then onto a disc in the store, and be able to pay at the checkout for your paperbacks and ebooks.

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