Sunday, July 12, 2009

New covers ...

These are two of the newest covers I have done.

DIME by Aubrey Leatherwood - Never in a million years would Nicole Donaldson have imagined she'd become a rapper. But when the reserved, middle-manager gets caught up in a lark with her Prince-obsessed brother, she's offered a music deal by hot music producer, Baron Odom. Nicole doesn't know what to make of her entrée into a world and lifestyle she's disdained from afar. She also can't quite wrap her mind around the quickly deepening attraction she has to Baron. Can she resist the call of the stage? The call of her heart?

BEHIND THE COVER: For this one, the concept asked for was fairly easy. The author wanted a silhouette of a woman against a striking background with a dime somewhere in the cover.

So I found a kickin image that was mostly darkened and pushed it to a full silhouette. Then I added a red background and blended in some notes, since it is about music after all, and the cover was a bit too simple without it. Then I added a dime by using it as the dot on the I in the title. Viola!

HAPPY FEET by Dana Littlejohn - Kerri felt like Cinderella as her birthday arrived and a pair of shoes sat waiting at her door, but she had no Prince Charming to speak of. She had planned to thank her friend for the gift, but later found she did have a Prince waiting in the wings. And, not only did he want to slide the shoe onto her foot to see if it fit, he had plans to do so many other wonderful things to her feet.

BEHIND THE COVER: This cover was against fairly easy the author had the image picked out and wanted a bedroom background. The trick was finding one that could be made to look like they were sitting on it. I also touched up the color to the shoes, since it is a foot fetish story.

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