Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finding Home

Here's another new cover I did, this one for Jude Mason's FINDING HOME.

Jacob Cob, young, white outdoorsman finds himself in a world he'd only dreamed about. A doorway to the past takes him on a journey of discovery. Met by brown skinned natives, he must learn their ways or face life alone on a world he's unfamiliar with. Helping him is Tsaskwana, the woman he hopes will accept him as more than just a stranger.

BEHIND THE COVER: This cover was kinda tricky. : ) I wanted to match the swirl that the author asked for and still get the cover hot. LOL

The lady in the book is of an American Indian heritage, so she needed to be darker than the man. I croped part of the image then darkened it and added it back in. I ahd started out with a black and white/sepia image, but it came out too monochromotic.

Getting the swirl just right was a pain, too dark and it overwhelmed the cover, too light and it wasn't visible. I finally found a good balance though.

With a blending of colors on the font, and the addition of the feather to give it a touch of something more, the cover just popped. I do love the way the font turned out. LOL

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